Importance of Clean Air

Protect the Safety, Quality, and Integrity of Your Products

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Why is Clean Air so Important in Food Processing Facilities?

Food processors today require sanitary design as an integral part of their manufacturing process. It’s critical to control the environment that surrounds these processes. Investments in air yield powerful returns in safety, health, and productivity throughout the facility and across each production area. Delivering the right temperature, humidity, air volume, and pressure of the air in constant contact with the products, equipment, and employees empowers challenging spaces to perform optimally. Improper airflow in a production room can quickly have a negative effect on product safety and quality.

Stay Compliant with Federal and Local Laws

Condensation is the enemy when it comes to stopping the growth of mold, bacteria, and other pathogens. The USDA, FDA, and other entities have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to visible condensation and will shut down processing rooms where moisture is present. This adds a significant cost to the products and must be corrected before processing can continue.

Critical Process Room in a Food Processing Facility

How Hygienic Air Handlers Create a Safe and Healthy Environment

Room Pressurization Icon

Room Pressurization

Keeping a processing room pressurized with
conditioned air will control and eliminate issues associated with uncontrolled air infiltration.

Room Conditioning Icon

Room Conditioning

The same system used to introduce conditioned outside air into a production room can also control the temperature in the room.

Air Change Rate Icon

Air Change Rate

This refers to the amount of time required to circulate the entire volume of air through a specific room. For identically sized rooms, colder rooms will require a more aggressive air change as compared to warmer rooms.

Air Filtration Icon

Air Filtration

Filtration of the air is an often-overlooked part of total conditioning of the processing room environment. Since the air supplied from the system mixes outdoor air with return air from the process room, it must be filtered properly to a level that ensures product quality.

Sanitary Design Icon

Sanitary Design

Since the system is designed to supply properly conditioned air in a sanitary area, it must be designed to be sanitary itself. PH units have standard double wall construction, with an available stainless-steel interior.

Hygienic Air Handler on rooftop of food processing facility.

Solving Food Production Problems:  Consult with the Experts in Air

We are air handling specialists focused on the transformative power of air to deliver high-performing food processing environments and incredible customer returns on investment while keeping food production protected.

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Finding the right solution for your facility can be difficult. Luckily, our experts have worked in hundreds of food processing plants across the United States and are here to help. Whether you need assistance with concept, design, commissioning, or maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

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