Supply sanitary, filtered room air, cooling, humidity control and positive room pressure for food processing spaces.


Rooftop mounted freezer systems. Air cooling evaporators and fan systems enclosed in a highly insulated cabinet.


Stainless steel ceiling mounted supply air diffusers with condensate trapping tray and drain. Heated diffuser surfaces prevent formation of condensation and dripping.

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Hygienic Air Handlers for the Food & Beverage Processing Industry

Making Food Processing Environments Safer, Healthier & More Productive

Phoenix Air Systems manufactures Hygienic Air Handlers for critical process applications such as food processing facilities (meat, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, juice, nuts, dairy and eggs, frozen, bakery items and prepared foods).
Used in food processing plants, hygienic air handlers control the air delivered to processing, packaging and storage areas in the following ways:

  • Pre Filter Fresh Outdoor Air
  • Provide Room Cooling
  • Control Humidity
  • Supply Positive Room Pressure
  • High Filtration with Final Filters
  • UV Light to assist unit sterilization


 Our units can also provide Clean Up Cycle operation:

  • Supply heated air during room wash down periods
  • Speeds drying of rooms during wash down
  • Exhausts all room air to outdoors
  • Exhausts "fog" that occurs during wash down to improve room conditions
  • Enhances the ability to return the room to production quickly




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