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Hygienic Air Handlers – HVAC Solutions for Critical Process Rooms

Addressing Risks to Food Safety with Air

Phoenix Air Systems Hygienic Air Handler

What is a Hygienic Air Handler?

A Hygienic air handler is a specialized industrial refrigeration and air handling system designed to supply clean, filtered, and conditioned air to food processing rooms and critical areas. These air handlers play a crucial role in maintaining strict room climate conditions, creating an environment that promotes higher sanitation levels and prevents bacteria growth and spread; delivers fresh clean air to your frontline production team; and clears troublesome and time-consuming excess moisture conditions to boost efficiency and productivity.

At Phoenix Air Systems, our expert team goes the extra mile by providing and tailoring specially programmed operating sequences for your plant. These sequences help speed up the drying process of wet walls and ceilings during room wash-down shifts; balance air flow and air pressure; and deliver ideal air-changes.  As a result, production supervisors can resume food production shifts more rapidly, enhance room throughput and boost overall revenue. With our advanced air handling solutions, we ensure your food processing operations run safely, efficiently and smoothly.


How do Hygienic Air Handlers promote sanitary conditions in food processing rooms?

Food producers work hard to ensure our food supply is safe. Successfully eliminating opportunities for food contamination starts with sanitary food conditions. Hygienic air handlers control the air delivered to processing, packaging and storage areas in the following ways to greatly improve sanitary conditions and reduce contamination sources:

Pre Filter-Outdoor Air

Remove contaminants from incoming air

Room Cooling

Maintain room cooling setpoints to hinder bacteria growth

Supply Positive Pressure

Processing rooms under positive pressure block infiltration of airborne contaminants from adjoining rooms and hallways

UV Lights for Sterilization

Kill bacteria on cooling coils

Humidity Control

Prevent condensation inside processing rooms to eliminate opportunities for bacteria to spread

Energy Efficient Operation

Uses pre-cooled return air to greatly reduce cooling load

Wash Cycle in Food Processing Plant

Can Hygienic Air Handlers reduce production down time?

Yes.  Reduce production down-time & maximize the ROI of Air using our “Wash Down / Clean-Up Cycle” operation mode programmed into our units.

  • Rapidly dry out production areas during and after room wash down.
  • Supply heated air during room “wash down” work shifts.
  • Improve room conditions and safety. Exhaust “fog” that occurs during wash down. Exhaust moist room air to the outdoors with built-in, high-volume exhaust fans.
  • Resume production quickly.  Save time, improve throughput and boost revenue.


Where are Hygienic Air Handlers Installed?

Hygienic air handlers are always placed outside the processing room. They are typically installed on the rooftop (or sometimes in an indoor interstitial space), with ductwork delivering air into the processing areas.

By locating the units remotely from the processing space, all the equipment, piping, and utilities are removed from the processing area. This setup makes the processing room more sanitary and easier to clean.  In contrast, other systems hang from the ceiling inside the processing rooms, with exposed fans, coil fins, and piping.  Exposed “ceiling-hung” cooling equipment is challenging to clean, present additional overhead surfaces for contaminant, bacteria and pathogen growth.

Moreover, overhead piping (especially those supplying ammonia for cooling condensers or similar equipment) is preferred to be situated outside the building. With refrigerant piping on the rooftop, danger of piping damage or indoor refrigeration leaks in employee-occupied spaces can be completely avoided, significantly reducing risk to the workforce.   

The placement of Hygienic Air Handlers outside the processing space ensures the desired level of sanitation, cleanliness, and safety, which provides significant value and risk-avoidance for food producers.

Hygienic Air Handler Installation

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