Hygienic Air Handlers - HVAC Solutions for Critical Process Rooms

Addressing Risks to Food Safety


What is a Hygienic Air Handler?

Hygienic air handlers are customized industrial refrigeration air handling systems that supply clean, filtered and conditioned air to food processing rooms and critical process areas. The supplied air is managed by the air handler to control strict room climate conditions, with the ultimate goal of creating an environment promoting higher levels of sanitation while hindering bacteria growth and spread. 
Phoenix Air Systems' hygienic air handlers also offer specially programmed operating sequences to greatly accelerate the drying of wet walls and ceilings during processing room wash down shifts. Wash down / clean-up operation mode allows production supervisors to resume food production shifts quicker, improving room throughput and revenue.
Hygienic Air Handler


How do Hygienic Air Handlers promote sanitary conditions in food processing rooms?

Food producers work hard to ensure our food supply is safe. Successfully eliminating opportunities for food contamination starts with sanitary food conditions. Hygienic air handlers control the air delivered to processing, packaging and storage areas in the following ways to greatly improve sanitary conditions and reduce contamination sources: 
  • Pre Filter Fresh Outdoor Air - Remove contaminants from incoming air.
  • Provide Room Cooling - Maintain room cooling setpoints to hinder bacteria growth.
  • Control Humidity - Prevent condensation inside processing rooms to eliminate opportunities for bacteria to spread.
  • UV Lights for Sterilization - Kill bacteria on cooling coils.
  • High Filtration with Final Filters - Filter contaminants from entering the ductwork and room.
  • Supply Positive Room Pressure - Processing rooms under positive pressure block infiltration of airborne contaminants from adjoining rooms and hallways.
  • Energy Efficient Operation - Uses pre-cooled return air to greatly reduce cooling load
  • Eliminates the Need for Ceiling Mounted Cooling Units - Equipment is typically located on the building rooftop. No mechanical equipment on ceilings in critical process rooms. Promotes sanitary room conditions, safety and effective room cleaning.

Can Hygienic Air Handlers reduce production down time?

Phoenix Air Systems can also provide a Wash Down / Clean-Up Cycle operation mode programmed into our units.
  • Supply heated air during room "wash down" work shifts.
  • Speeds drying of rooms during and after room wash down.
  • Exhausts moist room air to the outdoors.
  • Exhausts "fogging" that occurs during wash down. Improves room conditions and safety.
  • Enhances the ability to resume to production quickly to improve throughput and revenue.

Where are Hygienic Air Handlers installed?

Hygienic air handlers are always installed outside of the processing room. Typically installed on the rooftop (sometimes in an indoor interstitial space) with ductwork delivering air into the processing areas. 
Locating the units remotely from the processing space removes equipment, piping and required utilities from the processing area, allowing for a more sanitary, easier to clean processing room. Other systems hang from the ceiling inside the processing rooms with exposed fans, coil fins and piping. Food processors and inspectors have realized that exposed overhead equipment is very difficult to clean and a source for bacteria growth.
It is also recognized that overhead piping, (particular piping supplying ammonia for cooling condensers or similar equipment), is highly preferred to be located outside of the building to reduce chances of damage or leaks in employee occupied spaces.
Since Hygienic Air Handlers are located outside of the space, they provide desired sanitary, cleanliness and safety that are extremely important to food producers.

Hygienic Air Handlers and the Phoenix Advantage...

Our air handlers are industrial grade for demands of the industrial refrigeration market. Use of stainless steel liners and drain pans throughout provides long lasting, fully cleanable units. Walk-in doors, interior lighting and other service options offer convenience and ease of maintenance. Allen Bradley controls bring smoother integration with facility building management systems to ensure energy efficiency, proper operation and scheduling.

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Hygienic Air Handlers

Hygienic Air Handler Room Conditioning  Condensation Control &
Room Conditioning

Helps control room humidity and temperature.

Hygienic Air Handler Room Pressurization  Room Pressurization

Helps eliminate uncontrolled air infiltration into processing rooms.

Hygienic Air Handler Filtration and UV Options  Air Filtration & UV Options

Helps delivery of clean air and minimizes contamination growth inside the air handler.

Hygienic Air Handler Sanitary System  Sanitary System Design


Smooth interior construction to help minimize contaminant growth. Floor drain pans to facilitate cleaning.

Hygienic Air Handler Food Safety  Food Safety Practices


Helps food processors address regulatory requirements such as FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Hygienic Air Handler