Precautions to Minimize COVID 19 Spread in Food Processing Plants

Food processing plant workers have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19

COVID 19 Food Processing Guidelines

OSHA and the CDC have issued interim guidance to meat and poultry processors (which includes guidance on the operation of HVAC systems): 

“Facilities should consider consulting with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineer to ensure adequate ventilation in work areas to help minimize workers’ potential exposures

Understand how our critical process air handlers help:

  • Hygienic air handlers increase air changes in processing rooms ensuring adequate filtered ventilation in work areas to help minimize potential exposures. 
  • Room pressurization inhibits airborne contaminant infiltration.
  • Multi-Stage filtration (including HEPA filtration) blocks airborne contaminants.
  • UVC light sanitation kills bacteria & virus on cooling coils & equipment interior.
  • Industrial refrigeration and dehumidification limits bacteria growth on surfaces and in food product.
  • Industrial dehumidification keeps ceilings dry.
  • Clean-Up cycle operating mode purges work areas with 100% fresh heated outside air, quickly drying the area and exhausting moist room air during room wash-down and disinfecting.  No air re-circulation.

COVID 19 Guidelines for Food Processing Facilities

Phoenix Air Systems highlights how food processors can take steps toward indoor air hygiene improvements, click above for a step by step guide.