Rooftop Penthouse Refrigeration Units

Rooftop Alternative to Ceiling Hung Condensers for Refrigerated Warehouse Applications

 Penthouse Rooftop

Rooftop mounted freezer systems. Air cooling evaporators and fan systems enclosed in a highly insulated cabinet. 

Rooftop penthouse evaporators are an alternative to smaller indoor ceiling mounted units:

  • Maximizes Storage Space - Penthouse units are located on the rooftop and eliminate ceiling mounted units in storage rooms leaving more usable space for storage racks.
  • Reduced Risk for Injury and Product Damage - No piping in occupied areas minimize potential for product damage or employee injury due to refrigerant leaks.
  • Lower Installation Costs - Minimize the number of evaporators, therefore fewer electrical and piping connections.
  • Easier Maintenance - Provides easier access and safer working conditions for maintenance personnel.
  • Eliminate Equipment Damage - Evaporators, piping and valves cannot be damaged by forklifts.
Penthouse Refrigeration Unit Lift