Precautions to Minimize COVID 19 Spread in Food Processing Plants

Food processing plant workers have been impacted by the spread of COVID-19

COVID 19 Food Processing Guidelines

OSHA and the CDC have issued interim guidance to meat and poultry processors (which includes guidance on the operation of HVAC systems): 

“Facilities should consider consulting with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning engineer to ensure adequate ventilation in work areas to help minimize workers’ potential exposures

Understand how our critical process air handlers help:

  • Hygienic air handlers increase air changes in processing rooms ensuring adequate filtered ventilation in work areas to help minimize potential exposures. 
  • Clean-Up cycle operating mode purges work areas with fresh heated outside air, quickly drying the area and exhausting room air during room washdown and disinfecting.

COVID 19 Guidelines for Food Processing Facilities

Phoenix Air Systems highlights how food processors can take steps toward indoor air hygiene improvements, click above for a step by step guide.